Friday, July 15, 2011

JC Bravo

Young Guns - U-30 Champion

JC Bravo

Name: JC Bravo
FKA: Black Rocker

DOB: 10/26/81

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 150 LBS

Hometown: Brownfield, TX – Previously announced as coming from The “Smurf-side of San Antonio”

Trained By: ACW Dojo, lead at that time by Jacob Ladder

Pro Debut: Nov 17, 2007 San Antonio Texas as Black Rocker w/ Halloween Crew vs. Double Trouble vs. Hotsauce & Shawn Vexx

ACW Debut: (as Black Rocker) 11/17/2007 – “War of Attrition – Night 1”
(unmasked) 06/15/2008 – “The Realization of Mortality”
(JC Bravo debut match) 07/19/2008 – “From Innocence to Insanity ‘08”

Signature Moves: Gorybomb Backbreaker aka “J.M.S” (Justifiable Murder Strike) , The Bravo Dropper (Unprettier), 360 Bravo Drop, Wizard Knee Strike, Tree of Woe Nut Stomp

Finishing Moves: Jumping Monkey on your Backcraker, Bravissimo (Top Rope Flipping Bravo Drop), Chair Moonsault.

ACW Titles:
ACW Tag Titles (as Black Rocker) 11/18/2007 - "War of Attrition – Night 2” – Team “Halloween Crew” with Jack-O-Lantern won 4-team elimination scramble match against Miss Diss_Lexia & Rachel Summerlyn, “Supreme Clientele” Shawn Vexx & “Hotsauce” Marco Riviera and former champions “The Children of Pain” Darin Childs & Skylar Skelly to become champions
ACW Tag Titles (2) (as Black Rocker) 03/29/2008 - "Delusions of Grandeur” - Team "Halloween Crew" with Jack=O-Lantern won 4-way elimination against “The Submission Squad” Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico, Gary Jay & “The Future” Donovan Ruddick and former champions Dillon Stone & Nathan Sin to become champions.
Hardcore Title - 4/26/2009 - "Keep Austin Weird II" - Defeated Problems and former champion Jacob Ladder to become champion.
ACW Tag Titles (3) - 05/05/10 - "Fall From Grace 2" - Team "The Smurf Nation" with Chingo Smurf defeated former champions "The Submission Squad" Pierre Avernathy & Evan Gelistico in a submissions match
Young Guns U-30 Title - 08/21/2011 - "Distrust, Dismay & Anti-Social Behavior 5" - Defeated former champion Gary Jay in a scramble match which also featured Berry Breeze, Slim Sexy, Killah Kash & "Wild Gun" Aiden Colt
Young Guns U-30 Title (2) - 01/15/2012 - "Guilty by Association 6" - Defeated former champion Chingo Del Santo & Berry Breeze in a 3-way match in which Bravo risked his hair against Del Santo's title and Breeze's career.

Other Titles Held: Attack ‘n’ Destroy Wrestling Cruiserweight Champ, TNT Tag Team Champion (with Chingo), TWA Tag Team Champ (with Chingo)

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In his own words) In 2010 the war between Smurf Nation and the Submission Squad was epic. Smurf Nation chasing the champs over half a year. We had the first ever ACW tag team Texas bull rope match and St Louis vs. Texas flag match. Finally ending when the Nation was able to beat the Squad in a Submission match. Now going into 2011 the Nation is no more when long-time team member Berry Breeze was forced out the group and turned on his friends.

Personal History: (In his own words) At the first ACW show i was sitting front row and never missed a show. Till one day, I, a drunken fan ask to help after a show. I continued to do ring crew till the ACW Dojo first open. Lead by head trainer Jacob Ladder and help from many others, myself and Chingo were the first graduates and true home-grown talent out the school. By my 2nd match I was tag team champion as Black Rocker. Still at the same time refining matches till I unmask and become JC Bravo. Than by a weird chance and a Chikara message broad Berry Breeze and I formed Team Smurf. Later with Chingo and Angel Blue we grew into the Smurf Nation. Biggest Match for the Nation put all four Smurfs against at that time the ROH champ Jerry Lynn w/ Showtime Summers for the ACW Tag team belts. The Nation has now come down to two. As we see what the Legion of Shroom has in store. In short, 4 years later I’m a 4 time champ and going strong.

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