Friday, May 11, 2012

Barbi Hayden

"The Beauty of Anarchy"

Barbi Hayden

Name: Barbi Hayden
AKA: The Beauty of Anarchy

DOB: 10/02

Height: 5’4”
Weight: 119 lbs

Hometown: College Station, Texas

Trained By: George de la Isla & Ray Campos “Papa Don”

Pro Debut: 12/10/09

ACW Debut: 10/23/2011 – “Beyond Good & Evil 2”

Signature Moves: "Hayden's halo" ddt, top turnbuckle powerbomb - "Barbi bomb", I forgot the name of the submission I do all the time, it’s the one I have Rachel in at hooligans... it’s like a surf board-esk thing....camel clutch is also in quite a bit of my matches

Finishing Moves:

ACW Titles: None Yet

Other Titles Held: NWA Lone Star Women’s Championship (3x), current Magnificent Ladies of Wrestling heavyweight champion

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In her own words) ....notable feud – vs. Angel Blue over the course of about a year and counting at NUMEROUS companies/cities ....alliance with Impeccable ... current with "Team Carson" at NWA Houston

Personal History: (In her own words)  Idk what to say for personal history

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  1. OMGLOLWTF? It's, like, Barbi Hayden you guys! IDK what to say about her personal history.

    Blondie better get it together, because the ACW Joshi's DGAF how pretty she thinks she is.

    All heckles aside, she's got the tools to do well. Here's to continued success in ACW.