Friday, July 1, 2011

Robert Evans

"The Essence of Excellence"

Robert Evans

Name: Robert Evans
AKA: “The Essence of Excellence”, R.D. Evans

DOB: 10/19/1983

Height: 1.89 metres
Weight: 90 kilograms

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Trained By: “General” Skandor Akbar, Slam Shady

Pro Debut:
2/10/2011 for SSOW (Super Stars Of Wrestling) in Sulpher Springs, Texas against Jonny Tek

ACW Debut: 6/7/2009 – “The Realization of Mortality”

Signature Moves: “Remember The Alamo!” Headbutt

Finishing Moves: Alpha Flight Headbutt, Wonder-Fall, Armshooter

ACW Titles:
ACW Young Guns U-30 Title 07/19/2009 - "From Innocence to Insanity 3" – Challenged and defeated champion Darin Childs in an unscheduled match moments after Childs had won the title from Super-Electro in a 4-Way Match.

ACW Young Guns U-30 Title (2) 09/15/2009 - "2009 Lone Star Classic" in the first round of the tournament, defeated Colt Cabana & former champion Pierre Abernathy.

ACW Young Guns U-30 Title (3) 04/18/2010 - "Peace Love & Anarchy" defeated Davey Vega in a match to fill the vacant title.

ACW Heavyweight Title - 11/14/10 - "Lone Star Classic 2010" - Defeated former champion Scot Summers

Other Titles Held:
3-time PCW Cruiserweight, 2-time PCW Tag Team, PCW Uncut, XCW Tag Team, NAWA Heavyweight, NWA Southwest Junior Heavyweight, FEW Tag Team, SPW Tag Team, 2-time UWF Cruiserweight, SSOW Cruiserweight

Notable Feuds and Alliances:
(In his own words) Two relationships have predominated my ACW tenure.

My long-time friendship with tag-team partner and fellow Full House member Matthew Palmer turned sour when he became the #1 Contender to my Monarchy Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Championship and showed his true colors by trying to take my birthright from me. Friend indeed. What was sour turned rotten when he doused me in gasoline and attempted to light me on fire at Guilty By Association V, unfortunately succeeding in his quest to dethrone me.

The other is a more… complicated relationship with Portia Perez. Together, as Perevans, we were the reigning King and Queen of ACW: She the Joshi Champion and I the Heavyweight. Some would say that turned sour, as well. I say they have not seen anything, yet…

Personal History: (In his own words) As a long-time Texas standout, the Office of Anarchy had been aware of me for years but wanted nothing to do with me out of fear. They knew that I was the antithesis of anarchy… and they were right. My very first day in ACW, I kicked down the door and demanded a main event spot. By my second outing, I had faced the man who had tried to keep me out of ACW and taken his U-30 Championship. I went on to become the most dominant U-30 Champion of all-time and, though I eventually lost it to ACH, realized there was greater purpose at play. My rise in ACW had been quick for a reason. I had been placed there by Divine Right, tasked to topple anarchy and replace it with Monarchy. I would do so by winning the ACW Heavyweight Championship and anointing myself King.

The peasants were shocked when I made Scot Summers tap-out but I was not. Destiny had been fulfilled. 1,000 Days of Glory was the promise of my reign… yet it was cut short when my turncoat best friend made me say, “I quit.” Worse yet, the girl I loved Superkicked me for confessing my love. It appeared not to be destiny, after all, but delusion. Right?

Sometimes, even I do not fully understand my own providence. But I assure you, Dear Reader, my ACW story has only begun. There are still many days left to be fulfilled of those 1,000 Days of Glory….

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