Friday, September 23, 2011

Ricky Romida

"Big Ricky"

Ricky Romida

Name: Ricky Romida

AKA: Big Ricky

FKA: Pope Luthor I, Brother Luthor

DOB: 11/04/1987

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 285 lbs

Hometown: Gamma, TX

Trained By: As I may hesitate to say, Curtis Stone…Also trained by Tugboat Taylor, Jacob Ladder, Spiro, Cowboy James Claxton, Ken Johnson, Les Thatcher

Pro Debut: December 2007

ACW Debut: 01/17/2010 – “Guilty by Association 4”

Signature Moves: Spinebuster, Lou Thesz press, Corner slingshot splash, Bear Hug, Running Powerslam.

Finishing Moves: Destoroyah (Spear), Gamma Bomb (Rydeen Bomb)

ACW Titles: None yet

Other Titles Held: WOW Texas Dot Com Title

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In his own words) Feuds, I would say with “the Takeover”, and the group formerly known as “The New Church”. Alliances would be with the team of “Bolt Brady”, “Jeff Gant”, “Lille Mae” known as “ The Random Collection of Wrestlers”… Also when I was starting out in ACW, I had an alliance with “The New Church”

Personal History: (In his own words) I wouldn’t say history just yet, I started out in 07 with W4CW. My training was very short, but I still continue in my own right to train on. Training never stops, so I continue onto other opportunities in Texas. I was given the opportunity to wrestle at ACW Last year, and was amazed at the wrestling there, it is very exciting every time I go to a show. I look to focus more on my wrestling career, and giving something BIG back to ACW. My journey is only beginning in the wrestling world; I will make a huge impact.

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