Friday, March 25, 2011

Lady Poison

Lady Poison

Name: Lady Poison

AKA: ???

D.O.B.: ???

Height: ???
Weight: ???

Hometown: ???

Trained By: ???

Pro Debut: ???

ACW Debut: 07/19/2009 - "From Innocence to Insanity 3"

Signature Moves: ???

Finishing Moves: Poison Kiss

ACW Titles:
ACW American Joshi 01/16/2011 - "Guilty By Association 5" – Defeated former champion Portia Perez in a dog collar match.

Other Titles Held:

Notable Fueds & Alliances: (In her own words) ???

Personal History: (In her own words) ???

Friday, March 18, 2011

Rachel Summerlyn

"The Strong-Style Diva"

2011 American Joshi Queen of Queens

Rachel Summerlyn

Name: Rachel Summerlyn

AKA: "The Strong Style Diva" "Bacon"

FKA: Rachel Putski

D.O.B.: July 1, 1986

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 165 lbs

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Trained By: Darin Childs, Daffney

Pro Debut: November 2006 in the first ever "Queen of the Death Matches"

ACW Debut: 12/21/2006 - "Holiday Havoc - An ACW Preview"

Signature Moves: Gory Bomb, Texas Cloverleaf, "Best of Both Worlds" (Spinning fisherman Neckbreaker)

Finishing Moves: See Above:

ACW Titles:

ACW Tag Team Title 05/05/2007 - "The Austin Debut" – With partner Skylar Skelly, Tag Team “Kissyboots” defeated former champions “The Children of Pain” Jacob Ladder & Darin Childs

ACW American Joshi Title 01/17/2010 - "Guilty by Association 4" - Defeated former champion Portia Perez

ACW American Joshi Title (2) - 06/13/10 - "The Realization of Mortality 3" - Defeated former champion Athena

ACW Tag Team Title (2) - 02/20/2011 - "A Psychotic Break" - With partner Jessica James, Tag Team "Rachel and Jessica's Egg-cellent Tag Team" defeated former champions The Smurf Nation (JC Bravo & Chingo Smurf) in a match that also featured the teams of "Flippy Shit" (Brent Masters & Mat Fitchett) and "The Lost Boys" (Jason Silver & Sky De Lacrimosa)

2011 American Joshi Queen of Queens - 6/26/11 - "American Joshi Queen of Queens" Defeated Athena in the finals of the tournament.

Other Titles Held:

IWA Mid-South Volcano Girls 2 Tournament

Notable Fueds & Alliances: (In her own words)

Feuds: Daffney, the 1st woman I ever wrestled, my mentor, the woman who has taught me so much & more. Athena, we never saw eye to eye, but she has so much fire that it makes me work harder to keep my top spot. Also, in feuds....Portia Perez, she became the 1st American Joshi Champion after pinning me by sneaking up from behind & schoolboying me & pulling the tights & we went on to feud over the Championship.

Alliances: KissyBoots w/ Skylar Skelly, Chesty Larue, Starr & Lucid. Jessica James of our egg-cellent tag team, no one gets me like she does.

Personal History: is still being written.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Evan Gelistico

"Pistol Danger"

Evan Gelistico

Name: Evan Gelistico
AKA: Pistol Danger, The Moonlight Coyote, The Hybrid, Dr. Awesome McDangerson

DOB: 12/07/1982

Height: 6'5
Weight: 200 lbs

Hometown: St. Louis

Trained By: Nick Tyson, Adam Raw

Pro Debut: October 23, 2003

ACW Debut: March 29, 2008 - "Delusions of Grandeur"

Signature Moves: Bryan Roeberts 3 Day Weekend, Greetings from Bavaria, Take You For a Ride, I Kick Your Face

Finishing Moves: DTP (Tombstone), Gateway City Stretch (Modified Crossface), Mortifying Cryonic Crippler

ACW Titles:
Tag Team Titles: 11/16/08 - "Our Time To Shine 2008" with Pierre Abernathy - Pinned former champions The Garza Brothers in a 4-way match which also included Team Smurf & Troubled Youth.
Tag Team Titles (2): 01/17/2010 - "Guilty by Association 4" with Pierre Abernathy - Defeated former champions Jerry Lynn & Scot Summers.
St. Louis Anarchy Title: 12/12/10 - "Delusions of Our Childish Days 2" - The former Lethal Wrestling Alliance Title was declared the "St. Louis Anarchy" Title and the current champion, Evan Gelistico became the first champion.
2010 Tag Team of the Year (with Pierre)

Other Titles Held:
LWA Champion, LWA Medallion, LWA Tag Title (w/Pierre), XWO Heavyweight Champion, WBW Tag Team Champion (w/Pierre), GCW (w/Pierre), PPW (w/Gary), HVW Trios (w/Pierre, Vega), Dalmatian Spotting Contest Winner from 2003 and so far undefeated

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In his own words) Alliances: Submission Squad, Bearded Men from Space Station 11, Sexual Dynasty
Foods: Pizza, grilled chicken with pineapple, cookie dough ice cream, and so much more. I'm surprised I'm not a huge fat ass!...Wait...what? Feuds? It's too late I've already written out my favorite foods and I don't use backspace...DEAL WITH IT!

Personal History: (In his own words) Born to a life on the streets and swaddled in the finest of Sunday paper comics for diapers, I lived most of my life by the strict rules of Calvin and Hobbes. Those two rad dudes changed me from a walking infant thug to the most intellectual and devious man you read before you. I am a machine and ain't nothing gonna stop me from reaching my goals.

Friday, March 4, 2011


"The Last Dragon"

Anarchy Heavyweight Champion

2011 Lone Star Classic Champion

Name: ACH
AKA: "The Last Dragon", "The Glow of Texas"

DOB: 12/7/1987

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185 lbs

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Trained by: Jerry Reyes

Pro Debut: February 2007

ACW Debut: 8/23/2009 - "Distrust, Dismay and Anti-Social Behavior 3"

Signature Moves: Crane Kick, Ready or Not Here I Come, Liu Kang Kicks, Dragonball Z Strikes, Kiaoken Senton, Kamehameha Wave, Enter the Dragon, Body-Bag, M.J Elbow

Finishing Moves: Dragon-Fly (Frog Splash), The Best 450 Ever (2nd Rope 450)

ACW Titles:
Young Guns U-30 Title - 8/22/2010 - "Distrust, Dismay and Anti-Social Behavior 4" - Defeated former Champion Robert Evans.

Lone Star Classic 2011 - 11/12/2011 - Defeated Bolt Brady & Colt Cabana in the first round, Gary Jay in the semi-finals and JT LaMotta in the finals of the tournament

Anarchy Heavyweight Title - 11/12/2011 - defeated former champion JT LaMotta in the finals of the 2011 Lone Star Classic

Other Titles Held:
NSF Heavyweight Title
NSF Central Texas Title
WOW Cruiserweight Title

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In his own words) Feuds - The only feud I can recall is my feud with Robert (Evans)
Alliances - Shawn Vexx & Akira ToZawa

Personal History: (In his own words) Once upon a time ago in 2009 I came to a point in my career were I was going to throw in the towel. Couldn't trust anyone, had no goals, and lost all hope in wrestling. But one day got a message from Biss about working with ACW. I jumped on the chance to showcase my love for wrestling, And the rest is history in the making!