Friday, April 27, 2012

Lady Poison


Lady Poison

Name: Lady Poison

AKA: ???

D.O.B.: ???

Height: ???
Weight: ???

Hometown: ???

Trained By: ???

Pro Debut: ???

ACW Debut: 07/19/2009 - "From Innocence to Insanity 3"

Signature Moves: ???

Finishing Moves: Poison Kiss
ACW Titles:ACW American Joshi 01/16/2011 - "Guilty By Association 5" – Defeated former champion Portia Perez in a dog collar match.
Other Titles Held:???

Notable Fueds & Alliances: (In her own words) ???

Personal History: (In her own words) ???

Friday, April 20, 2012

Donnie Davis

Head Enforcer of Anarchy

Donnie Davis

Name: Donald Dean Davis III (Donnie)
AKA: “Bongwater”, “Head Enforcer of Anarchy”

DOB: 5/8/1982

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 200 lbs

Hometown: Laredo, Texas

Trained By: JC Bravo, Davey Vega, Darin Childs

Pro Debut: (as a referee) Peace Love and Anarchy April 18, 2010 (The day after Marley Fest ;)

ACW Debut: (as a wrestler) 7/17/2011 – From Innocence to Insanity 5

Signature Moves: 2 Count

Finishing Moves: 3 Count

ACW Titles: Head Enforcer of Anarchy (Senior Official), ACW Chair-Man

Other Titles Held: None (Deferred Adjudication)

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In his own words) Feuds : jocks, kickers, wiggers, posers, vampires, zombies, us border patrol, local law enforcement, snitches, black dudes(I like them, but they don’t like me), and Jeff "Goat Blower" Gant - Alliances : Darin Childs / Kris Wolfe - Gregory James , Uncle Rufus (non-combative conscientious objector)

Personal History: (In his own words) Pink Floyd, Ac/Dc, Cheech & Chong, and Professional Wrestling -- as long as I've lived they have been part of me. My most distant memories, seeing my sister on the sonogram monitor before I was 3, watching Rambo II and Liquid Television, the Konami Code, but the formative influences listed above might as well be food or oxygen to me. I was born in Laredo, TX and lived with my mom who was a fan of the Von Erich’s and Lucha Libre. We stayed in Laredo until middle school living in different apts. or with my Grandma, a devout catholic, and Catechism teacher. The worst part about that was missing WWF All-American Wrestling Sunday mornings to attend church. I did everything I could to work around this problem, including blazing through CCD (Church Class) every Saturday with the sole intention of eventually being left alone on Sunday mornings.

I was a die-hard WWF fan until 2001, started watching WCW courtesy of a hacked cable box sometime around Halloween Havoc 1996. I still regret passing up those ECW ppv's advertised on the TV guide channel, but caught on in time for the first ever ECW on TNN. Then came the WWF-WCW-ECW invasion angle... lame. With the birth of my daughter, I drifted away. In 2005, I think I saw a commercial for TNA Destination X 2005 cause for some reason I ordered it and saw guys my age wrestling faster, harder, and with more innovation than I had seen since WCW's cruiserweight division. That and Ric Flair "woo-ing" while leading a donkey through a Braveheart parody brought me back to televised wrestling.
One day I see Road Dogg and Billy Gunn challenge Shawn Michaels to a showdown at the Alamo, the day before Impact!, (and there I am thinking that show is taped days in advance). Expecting nothing but having less to do otherwise, my mom my girlfriend and I went out to the Alamo to sit around for a few hours with 50 or more wrestling fans all eagerly anticipating an uneventful afternoon, and a T-shirt tan. There was this guy passing out flyers for an Indy Show in San Antonio later that month... ACW Dismember the Alamo 2008. Id never been to any wrestling event outside of a WWE house show as a kid, and hardly aware of the existence of any independent wrestling in San Antonio except for a link to what seemed to be the successor of the Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy, whose website stated that I was too broke to even send in my information. So I went to this show, asking myself "If I were to have been one of the wrestlers on this show, if this was my Wrestlemania moment, would I still want in?" FUCK YES! Well as it happens, life got in the way and about a year later I find myself in the last place I ever thought I would be, in jail for drunk driving on 4/20... My life had been falling apart for some time and I found myself forgotten, betrayed, miserable, broke and alone. I decided to find out when ACW's next show was (about a week before my impending court date) and told myself that I wasn’t leaving The Venue that night until someone told me what I needed to do to be a part of ACW. I pestered anyone, everyone, relentlessly until I was told to get with that Smurf dude with the two Mohawks and start sweeping up the broken glass and breaking down that barb-wire covered ring. I got a receiver hitch and spent the next few months pulling a trailer that weighed more than my truck. I put whatever I had left on the line to make it to the show month after month. These events, I sincerely believe, saved my life.
One day they let me ref a pre-show match, I never thought I could be that nervous, scared, and excited all at once, until a few months later when I begged to ref ACH v. Masada. Intensity is to Masada like global warming is to nuclear winter! I told myself I'd never request a match again, but I lied. I'm not here for an easy night and a payoff. I've become addicted to that feeling I get when I hear Masada, Showtime, Darin, Jaykus, Vexx or Palmer's music hit while I'm in the ring. Kayfabe be damned, I’m not sure if I’m gonna make it out alive. It was clear to me that my reaction to fear had changed when I found myself voluntarily constructing a scaffold on a downhill slope... I think that was the highest I'd ever been at ACW.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Evan Gelistico

Pistol Danger

Evan Gelistico

Name: Pistol Danger
AKA: Avatar of Avarice, The Machine
DOB: 12/07/1982
Height: 6'5
Weight: 215 lbs
Hometown: St. Louis
Trained By: Nick Tyson, Adam Raw
Pro Debut: October 23, 2003
ACW Debut: March 29, 2008 – “Delusions of Grandeur”

Signature Moves: Take You For a Ride, I Kick Your Face
Finishing Moves: Get Fucked, Kneel Before Your Doom, Kick the World

ACW Titles:
Tag Team Titles: 11/16/08 - "Our Time To Shine 2008" with Pierre Abernathy - Pinned former champions The Garza Brothers in a 4-way match which also included Team Smurf & Troubled Youth.
Tag Team Titles (2): 01/17/2010 - "Guilty by Association 4" with Pierre Abernathy - Defeated former champions Jerry Lynn & Scot Summers.
St. Louis Anarchy Title: 12/12/10 - "Delusions of Our Childish Days 2" - The former Lethal Wrestling Alliance Title was declared the "St. Louis Anarchy" Title and the current champion, Evan Gelistico became the first champion.
2010 Tag Team of the Year (with Pierre)

Other Titles Held: LWA Champion, LWA Medallion, LWA Tag Title (w/Pierre), XWO Heavyweight Champion, WBW Tag Team Champion (w/Pierre), GCW (w/Pierre), PPW (w/Gary), HVW Trios (w/Pierre, Vega), Dalmatian Spotting Contest Winner from 2003 and so far undefeated

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In his own words) Alliances: Submission Squad.

Feud: Jerry Lynn

Personal History: (In his own words) In 2011 I proved that I was the best wrestler in the Land of Anarchy, but my accomplishments and accolades were kept silent or buried amist the garbage. Instead Anarchy boasted the likes of ACH, Akira Tozawa & Davey Vega. So in 2012 I will prove that I am the best again. Wins and losses come and go in battles but I will win the war. All your heroes will fall before me and I will show you true the true nature of anarchy.

Friday, April 6, 2012


The Texas Prodigy
2012 Lethal Lottery Champion
Young Guns U-30 Champion

Name: Ken Carson
AKA: 'The Show Stealer' & 'The Texas Prodigy'
FKA: Ken Carson

DOB: 11/10/1987

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 227 lbs

Hometown: College Station, Texas

Trained By: George de la Isla & Papa Don

Pro Debut: November 2009

ACW Debut: 10/23/2011 – “Beyond Good & Evil 2”

Signature Moves: Gutwrench powerbomb, frankenstiener, Spinning headlock elbow drop (eye of the hurricane), Spinning neckbreaker, Double ax handle.

Finishing Moves: Superkick, Boston Crab.

ACW Titles:
2012 Lethal Lottery - Emerged victorious from a field of 12 competitors to win the tournament on 05/27/12 at ACW's "The Realization of Mortality 5"
Young Guns U-30 Title -  As a result of winning the finals of the 2012 Lethal Lottery on 05/27/12 at ACW's "The Realization of Mortality 5" became the new champion filling the vacancy.

Other Titles Held: NWA Lone Star Heavyweight Championship, NWA Lone Star Tag Team Championship (2x), NWA Texas Tag Team Championship (2x)

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In his own words) Long feud with Joey Diamond after our tag team 'Impeccable' broke up. Historic rivalry with Mike Dell at NWA Houston, oddly enough, we are now an alliance at NWA Houston. Jaykus Plisken and I have fought up and down I35 in the past 2 years numerous times, but we have come to terms and I am now a part of 'The Takeover' at ACW.

Personal History: (In his own words) When I first broke in to the business, I was a smaller worker and was considered a cruiserweight. I was thrown into various tag teams and was forced to share the spot light for the first year or so. I have finally made my way into the heavyweight division and I'm slowly making my way to the top of Texas Wrestling and building an impressive resume by already snagging the NWA Lonestar Heavyweight Championship. At this point, there is no stopping my reign as 'The Show Stealer' anytime soon.