Friday, April 29, 2011

Shawn Vexx

"Tha Infamous"
Shawn Vexx

Name: Shawn Vexx

AKA: “Tha Infamous”

DOB: 2/17/79
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 203 lbs

Hometown: East St. Louis, Illinois

Trained By: “Hotsauce” Marco Riviera

Pro Debut: March 28, 2005

ACW Debut: 6/10/2007 – “If You Don’t Like Pain, Then You Just Wouldn’t Understand”

Signature Moves: Sky High

Finishing Moves: East Boogie Driver

ACW Titles:
Young Guns U-30 Title - 12/16/2007 – “Lone Star Classic ‘07” – Won 6-way elimination scramble match against Problems, Dillon Stone, Nathan Sin, “Hotsauce” Marco Riviera and former champion Berry Breeze
Heavyweight Title – 1/17/2010 – “Guilty By Association 4” – Defeated former champion “One Man” Mike Dell

Other Titles Held:
PWO Texas Title, XWO Tag Title (with Darin Childs), PWF Texas Title, STPW Tag Title

Notable Feuds and Alliances: Feuds – Darin Childs, Gary Jay, Mike Dell, Jimmy Jacobs, Rexx Reed. Alliances – ACH & Showtime Scot Summers

Personal History: (In his own words) “I have experienced the world and realize I don’t give a fuck anymore”

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jessica James


Jessica James

Name: Jessica James

AKA: Rogue

DOB: 03/12

Height: 5’0”

Weight: 110 lbs

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Trained By: Booker T

Pro Debut: 2004

ACW Debut: 04/26/2009 “Keep Austin Weird 2”

Signature Moves: Scorpion Kick, Mini-Ranna

Finishing Moves: Yakuza Kick

ACW Titles:
American Joshi Title - 06/27/10 - "American Joshi Queen of Queens 2010" - Defeated Daffney in the semi-finals of the tournament.

ACW Tag Team Title - 02/20/2011 at ACW's "A Psychotic Break" - with Rachel Summerlyn, defeated former Champions The Smurf Nation (Chingo Smurf & JC Bravo) in a match which also involved Flippy Shit (Mat Fitchett & Brent Masters) and The Lost Boys (Sky de Lacrimosa & Jason Silver)

Other Titles Held:
First ever PWA Women’s Champion

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In her own words) No Feuds. I do encounter the occasional bully. Alliances would be my tag partner Rachel Summerlyn (Rachel & Jessica’s Egg-cellent Tag Team)

Personal History: (In her own words) “Thank you for flying Air-Jess. Please enjoy your flight, to the mat!”

Friday, April 15, 2011

Scot Summers

Mr. Showtime

Scot Summers

Name: Scot Summers

AKA: Mr. Showtime, The Underground Icon

DOB: 11/05/1978

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 230 lbs

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Trained By:
Ken Johnson, Dusty Wolfe, Jose Lothario

Pro Debut: 1999 against “Bio-Hazard” (Jaykus Plisken)

ACW Debut:
12/21/2006 “Holiday Havoc: An ACW Preview”

Signature Moves: Super-Kicks and Suplexes, Suplexes and More Suplexes.

Finishing Moves: "Curtain Call” (Power-bomb Neckbreaker), “Nighty-Night Time” (Rear Naked Choke), “Curtain Call 2010 (Elevated Uranage Suplex)

ACW Titles:

ACW Heavyweight Title 01/14/2007 - "Guilty by Association" - Won 3-way match against "One Man" Mike Dell & "Bio-Hazard" Jaykus Plisken to become first champion
Hardcore Title
09/23/2007 - "Sweet Destruction" - Won 3-way elimination against Masada and former champion Jacob Ladder

ACW Heavyweight Title
(2) 01/20/2008 - "Guilty by Association 2" - Beat former champion Jerry Lynn in a "no time limit" match.

ACW Tag Team Title
11/16/2008 - "Our Time to Shine 2008" with partner Jerry Lynn defeated former champions The Submission Squad Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico

50 Anarchists through 50 shows
- 5/17/2009 - Voted by the members of as the #1 on the list of the top 50 Anarchists from the first 50 ACW shows
ACW Young Guns U-30 Title
- 11/15/2009 "2009 Lone Star Classic - Defeated Champion Jaykus Plisken in the finals of the tournament.
2009 Lone Star Classic - 11/15/2009 - Defeated Champion Jaykus Plisken in the finals of the tournament.
ACW Heavyweight Title
(3) - 07/18/10 - "From Innocence to Insanity 4" - Cashed in his title shot from winning the Lone Star Classic and defeated newly crowned champion Darin Childs in a dog collar match.

Anarchy Televised Title
- 01/16/11 - "Guilty By Association 5" - Defeated former champion JT LaMotta in a No-Rope Barbed Wire Match.

Anarchy Televised Title (2) - 08/07/11 - "Fall From Grace 3" - Defeated ACH & Former Champion Rachel Summerlyn to regain the title

Other Titles Held:
IPWA Heavyweight Title, 2-time PWI (Brownsville) World Title, 3-Time PWI World Title, 2-Time PWI Texas Title, SWWF World Title, 2-Time ETW World Tag Title, American Championship Wrestling World Title, 2-time SCW Heavyweight Title, NSF World Title, NSF Tag Title, WOW Outlaw Title, WOW Heavyweight Title

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In his own words) “My number 1 feud in ACW was with Mike Dell. We just always had this rivalry, kinda like the Yankees and the Red Sox. It got to the point where one of us had to leave. Couldn’t co-exist. That was probably my biggest feud. Him & Darin Childs. Just one of those things. I wanted to completely rip ACW from him and give it to the fans. He just wants to hold on to it. It’s weird because those are 2 guys I respect.

(Alliances) There are a very select few. Jerry Lynn and Masada. Jerry taught me a lot, probably got me to where I am today. Masada toght me a bit about being a professional and being tough at the same time. Masada and I have a group called the “DGAF Army.” I’d have to throw Shawn Vexx in there and ACH. Those guys I would trust them with my life.

Personal History: (In his own words) I really wasn’t myself when I was wrestling. I loved Shawn Michaels. I loved Chris Jericho. I loved Brian Pillman. People get into this business and no matter what they tell you, they emulate who inspires them. But it wasn’t really me, man.

I just came out one day and the night before I had been drinking, drinking all night and I hadn’t wrestled much. I got split open, 17 staples to the head and I was bleeding all over and I was “I guess I’m gonna die here.” And it made me act a little crazy that night and then people were kinda drawn to it. “Oh my gawd! Is this guy for real?”

(On being called “The Best in Texas) – I blame ACW & I blame Darin and I blame people involved that are wrestlers. Darin gave me the chance to do what I gotta do. I mean, it’s also who you perform with. It’s the Mike Dell’s. It’s the Spiro’s. It’s the Jerry Lynn’s, the Claxtons, the Jaykus Plisken’s.

I can be tough, but if there’s nobody out there to be tough with me… I gotta have… You can beat everyone up and it doesn’t prove anything. You gotta get your butt kicked to see how tough you are. If I didn’t have these guys pushing me and this “Best in Texas” thing. I don’t know where it came from. I don’t know why, I am blessed. It keeps me on my toes, cause now anywhere I wrestle, if theres 40 or 400… I think “Best in Texas”, there’s more into it than “Oh, he’s the best.”

There’s a lot of guys who are smoother. JT (Lamotta) and ACH look like they’re on ice. They glide. They’re on ball bearings. Me, I never claimed to be the best wrestler, but I’m the best fighter. I’m a good wrestler. I’m crazy as shit. It kinda adds into one big melting pot.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Portia Perez

"Canadian Ninja"

Portia Perez

Name: Portia Perez

AKA: The Canadian Ninja

DOB: 10/26/1987

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 127 lbs

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Trained By: Dave Dalton – UWA Battleground Academy – Ottawa, Ontario

Pro Debut: December 2003

ACW Debut: 09/09/2007 “A Matter of Life and Death”

Signature Moves: Just Facelock, Spinning Heel Kick, Shell Shock, One-legged Dropkick, Various Knee Strikes

Finishing Moves: Super Kick

ACW Titles:

American Joshi Championship - 8/23/2009 - "Distrust, Dismay & Anti-Social Behavior" - Defeated Daffney Unger, Diamond Icee, Jessica James, Angel Blue & Rachel Summerlyn in an elimination scramble on to become the first Joshi Champion.

American Joshi Championship (2) - 06/27/10 - American Joshi Queen of Queens 2010 - Defeated Lady Poison (who was defending Jessica James' title) in the finals of the tournament.

Queen of Queens Tournament - 06/27/10 - American Joshi Queen of Queens 2010 - Defeated Lady Poison in the finals of the tournament.

Anarchy Heavyweight Champion - 11/12/11 - 2011 Lone Star Classic - Defeated former champion Darin Childs & Rachel Summerlyn in the first round of the tournament

Other Titles Held:

Great Canadian Wrestling WILD Championship, Main Event Wrestling Women’s Championship, SHIMMER Women Athletes Tag Title with Nicole Matthews

Notable Feuds and Alliances:

Feuds: Rachel Summerlyn, Lady Poison, anyone else who stands in her way

Alliances: Tags with Nicole Matthews in “The Canadian NINJAS – Previously associated with Robert Evans (Perevans), still maintains control over Super-Electro

Personal History: (In her own words) “When I first got into wrestling I was just 15 years old and I was bright-eyed and excited because one day I would be the best in the world. I knew it. Seven years later I’ve been all over the world. I’ve wrestled my heroes and I’ve beat the best. I can look myself in the mirror and say “I have become the best in the world.”

But no matter what I do, no matter who I beat, there’s always something in my head that says to me I’m not good enough, that it wasn’t good enough. It was never quite perfect.

And for seven years, I’ve never gone to a dance or a party or a birthday or a wedding because I thought that maybe that one show that I was going to miss to do something important in my life would be the one show where everything might have finally come together, where I might actually be able to sleep at night. And I’ve just pissed away friendships and thrown away relationships because wrestling was the only thing that was ever important to me. I didn’t care if my jaw was sticking out of my face or my back was broken because I needed to wrestle that night to see if it was finally the night when everything would go perfect.

I used to think that I was afraid. Then I realized there’s nothing that you can do to me that I haven’t already done to myself."

Friday, April 1, 2011


"The Bad Ass From Big Japan"


Name: Masada

AKA: The Bad-Ass From Big Japan

DOB: Unavailable

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 230 lbs

Hometown: Waco, Texas

Trained By: Rudy Boy Gonzalez

Pro Debut: unavailable

ACW Debut: 04/15/2007 “International Warfare”

Signature Moves: Angry Man Slam, Double Leg Slam

Finishing Moves: “Masadamizer” (Death Valley Driver)

ACW Titles: Hardcore Title 09/20/2009 - "Evolution of The Revolution" – Defeated former champion “Lunar Eclipse” Junior Garza

Other Titles Held: ETW Heavyweight Title, NWA Wildside Tag Team Titles (w/ Todd Sexton,) RCW Heavyweight Title, XCW Heavyweight Champion, XCW Battle Box 8 Winner, CZW Ultra-Violent Title

Notable Feuds and Alliances: Masada has feuded with Chris Hero & Jimmy Jacobs in ACW. He has also feuded against and teamed with Scot Summers. Their alliance "The DGAF Army" is based on the respect they developed for each other while battling one another.

Personal History: Masada is a true world traveler. Beginning his career in Texas he soon set out to make his mark in wrestling. While living at the Big Japan Dojo he became one of the most successful Gaikokujin (Foreigner) wrestlers in Japan. His travels have also taken him to such exotic locales as Puerto Rico & Europe.

He now returns to where he started, running the ACW Training Facility in San Antonio.