Friday, May 6, 2011

Darin Childs

"The Show Stealer"
ACW Tag Team Champion
Darin Childs

Name: Darin Childs
AKA: “The Show Stealer”, “El Nino del Dolor”
DOB: 9/16/80

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 194 lbs

Hometown: Austin, Texas. Originally from Dawson’s Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Trained By: WWE Hall of Famer Ivan Putski

Pro Debut: Sometime in the late ‘90’s, a really long time ago
ACW Debut: 12/21/2006 – “Holiday Havoc: An ACW Preview”

Signature Moves: Darin Driver ’07, Child’s Play Deathlock

Finishing Moves: Fall From Grace

ACW Titles:
ACW Tag Team Title 01/14/07 - “Guilty by Association” – Tag Team “The Children of Pain” Childs & Jacob Ladder beat team of Cassandro & Skylar Skelly to become first ACW Tag Team Champions

Hardcore Title 03/10/2007 - "A Good Ole’ Texas Brawl" – defeated former champion Jacob Ladder.

ACW Tag Team Title (2) 04/22/07 – “Sunday Bloody Sunday” – “Children of Pain” Childs & Ladder regained titles from the team of “Old & Younger” Ian Rotten & Drake Younger who had been declared champions during a four-way hardcore rules tag match also involving the teams of Hugh Rogue & Chuey Martinez and The Naptown Dragons “Diehard” Dustin Lee and Vortekz. After gaining the victory and the titles with the first pinfall over The Naptown Dragons, Younger insisted the match continue as an elimination match with the final results in the favor of Childs & Ladder.
ACW Tag Team Title (3) 11/11/07 – “War of Attrition – Night 1” – “The Children of Pain” Childs & Skylar Skelly won a tournament finals match against the team of “Supreme Clientele” Shawn Vexx & Hotsauce Marco Riviera to fill the vacant titles.

Young Guns U-30 Title 7/19/09 - "From Innocence to Insanity 3" Won the title in a 4-way elimination match against Problems, Brent Masters & former champion Super-Electro only to lose the title moments later in an uscheduled match against Robert Evans.
ACW Heavyweight Title 7/18/10 – “From Innocence to Insanity 4” – Defeated Shawn Vexx in a Childs’ Play Deathmatch to win the Championship only to lose the title moments later in an unscheduled match against Scot Summers

2011 Lethal Lottery - 6/12/11 - "The Realization of Mortality" - Outlasted 5 others in the finals of the tournament.
ACW Heavyweight Title (2) - 9/18/11 - "Evolution of the Revolution 5" - Defeated Shawn Vexx and Jaykus Plisken who had previously defeated former champion Davey Vega in a Double Jeopardy Match
Tag Team Titles: (4) 05/20/2012 - "Nothing is as Real as a Dream 4" - With partner Khris Wolfe, defeated former champions The Lost Boys (Jason Silver & Sky de Lacrimosa)

Other Titles Held: 2-time SWWF Tag Team Title, ASPW Light Heavyweight Title, American Championship Wrestling Texas Title, 4-time TWE Tag Team Title

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In his own words) Skylar Skelly was the most emotional feud I’ve ever had.

Scot Summers is the feud I’m most synonymous with. Started in 2003 & will probably never end.

Shawn Vexx is an old school, aggressive, passion filled feud.
Mike Dell is probably my favorite opponent of all time.

Robert Evans pushed me further than anyone ever has. He single-handedly saved my career by trying to end it. The weight-loss, the hard work, the new attitude is all due to Robert Evans.
Personal History: (In his own words) (Better read in a bitter ole’ vet voice, which bitter vet voice you choose is up to your discretion) I’ve been wrestling for a long time. Been up & down the roads, seen many crazy sights in many crazy cities…(ok, stop with the bitter vet voice, time to get sentimental) I’ve done some stuff in the ring, but none of that is all that important to me. I main-evented the ECW arena, The Venue & Mohawk… that’s more than I could have ever asked for. I have wrestled Johnny Grunge, Jerry Lynn & Sara Del Rey. I teamed with Brad Armstrong. I lived through wars with Brain Damage & The Necro Butcher. I’ve done so much incredible stuff. I’m so grateful. My career in wrestling has never been about the wrestling, its about giving back.

I have been lucky enough to be mentored by guys like Public Enemy & Jerry Lynn, lucky enough to mentor guys like Robert Evans. I have helped to redefine both hardcore & women’s wrestling alongside some of the greatest performers in the business. I’ve had an incredibly fulfilling career & my only mission I have left is to leave the business better than it was when I was allowed into the club…which is quite a task as I started in the late 90’s, the most acclaimed era of our industry.

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