Friday, June 17, 2011


The Hussy Buster


Name: Athena
AKA: “The Wrestling Goddess”

DOB: 8/31/88

Height: 5’2”
Weight: 120 LBS

Hometown: Chicago/St. Louis

Trained By: Skandar Akbar

Pro Debut: 2007

ACW Debut: 7/19/2008 – “From Innocence to Insanity 2”

Signature Moves: (Different stuff for every match)

Finishing Moves: O-Face, Top-Rope Stunner

ACW Titles:
American Joshi Title - 05/29/10 - defeated champion Rachel Summerlyn at an IHWE show in Ft. Worth Texas in an match that also involved Lillie Mae.

American Joshi Title (2) - 09/18/11 - "Evolution of the Revolution" - Defeated former champion Lady Poison.

Other Titles Held:
Booker T PWA Championship

Notable Feuds and Alliances:
Feud with Rachel Summerlyn (10,000 Thumbtacks)
Alliance with The Submission Squad

Personal History: (In her own words) – Please don’t make me answer this!

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