Friday, October 28, 2011

Jeff Gant

Typical Outcast Kid

Jeff Gant

Name : Jeff Gant

AKA : Typical Outcast Kid, Jeff "The Ref", Mclovin

D.O.B : Dec. 19th, 1990

Height : 5'8"

Weight : 124 lbs.

Born : Wichita Falls, TX

Hailing from : Father Justin's Home for Wayward Wrestlers

Trained by : Baptised by fire

Professional Debut : Mar. 20th, 2011 "ACW - The Chain Reaction of Evil"

ACW Titles Held : Rachel Summerlyn's Prom Date (2011)

Other Titles Held : Most Memorable - Wichita Falls High School (2009)

Signature Moves

Five-Star Death Kick (Running dropkick into corner)

Flying Head-Scissors


Finishing Moves

Greetings from Father Justin (Acid-drop Stunner)

Bang Bang Stunner

Notable Alliances

Member of R.C.W.(Random Collection of Wrestlers) with Bolt Brady, Big Ricky, Lillie Mae

ACH (ninja trainer/mentor)

Rachel Summerlyn (potential love interest)

Notable Feuds

Darin Childs (self righteous prick)

Donnie Davis (Pain in Ass)

Personal History : Avid follower of professional wrestling since the age of 8, became a referee in 2009, started wrestling in 2011.

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