Friday, November 11, 2011

Bolt Brady

The Super-Charged Superstar

Bolt Brady

Name: Bolt Brady
AKA: “The Super-Charged Superstar”

DOB: 01.09.86

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 30,000 kilowatts

Hometown: Hoover Dam

Trained By: George de la Isla, Ray Campos, Russell Simpson, Jaykus Plisken

Pro Debut: 07.16.04

ACW Debut: 2/20/2011 – “A Psychotic Break”

Signature Moves: duck under spin followed by spinning back elbow, Full Throttle Lariat (front flip clothesline)

Finishing Moves: Tesla Coil (numerous lungblower variants) and The Manhattan Project (numerous backcracker variants)

ACW Titles:
None Yet

Other Titles Held:
CTPW Cruiserweight Champion, CTPW Tag Team Champion (with Mr. BB), XWO No Limit Champion (first ever), TCW Lighting Division Champion (2 times), TCW Entertainment Champion (retired title), TCW Television Champion, TWF Zero Gravity Champion

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In his own words) "Gotta shout out to the Random Collection of Wrestlers. Jeff's cool, even though he kinda weirds me out at times, but Big Ricky is like my long lost big brother. He's carried me to the locker room more times than I care to share! Can't stand The Submission Squad though; especially [Evan] Gelistico. Despite their numerous accolades, there's nothing more annoying than a pack of rats who think themselves a pack of wolves. Let it be known that the day will come where I face him one on one and no Squad will stand in my way! And I want my tights back Gary [Jay]!"

Personal History: (In his own words) “I was kind of a late bloomer as far as the “wrestling bug” goes. I didn’t start watching until about the age of 12, but was head over heels in love after that. So the only logical thing was to actually DO it, right?! Right! I did the amateur thing in high school and did gymnastics as a kid, so that really helped me transition into the ring and create the style you see today.

Despite my athletic ability, when I was first starting out, I was a bit uh . . . well, boring to be quite honest. So for a “kick in the pants”, it became pre match tradition to slam an energy drink or two or three. Needless to say, the guy that came through those curtains was anything but boring, and on the competitive side, that volatility made for a stunning amount of victories, so it just kinda became the norm!

Anyhow, kicked around the indy scene and I guess I turned enough heads to wind up in ACW aaaaand here I am!”

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