Friday, December 30, 2011

Gregory James

2 Much Metal

Gregory James

Name: Gregory James

AKA: “2 Much Metal”

DOB: 01/19/1988

Height: 6’

Weight: 175 lbs

Hometown: The Music Capital of Texas

Trained By: Matthew Palmer, MPXText Color

Pro Debut: April 3rd, 2010

ACW Debut: 06/12/2011 – “The Realization of Mortality 4”

Signature Moves: “Stage Dive” elbow drop, “The Reverb” (redeye)

Finishing Moves: “The Encore” (spinning neck breaker)

ACW Titles: None Yet

Other Titles Held: MPX Championship

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In his own words) A long running feud with Genesis from June 2010 through December 2010

Personal History: (In his own words) After spending years in the Indy music scene dying to get noticed, Gregory James left a sure deal with his current band to pursue the dream of being a pro wrestler. Since then Gregory James has traveled through Texas making a name for himself as a performer that gives a 100% each time and always leaves the crowd with the feeling they just attended a rock n roll show!

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