Friday, January 13, 2012

Franco D'Angelo

The Beast

Franco D'Angelo

Name: Franco D’Angelo

AKA: “The Beast”

DOB: 10/14/1976

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 275 lbs

Hometown: Long Island, NY

Trained By: Booker T & Dr. Death Steve Williams

Pro Debut: June 6, 2006

ACW Debut: Showed up Summer 2010 made official debut in ring September 19, 2010 at “Evolution of the Revolution 4”

Signature Moves: Gut Wrench, OKC Stampede, Power Slam, TKO, Spinning Rock Bottom

Finishing Moves: Silencer (Modified Spine Buster)

ACW Titles: none yet

Other Titles Held: PCW Heavyweight, PCW Television (3 times), PCW Tag, FSW Heavyweight, ACW (Colorado) Heavyweight (3 times), SWWF 6 Man, PCW Uncut Heavyweight (3 times), RAW Heavyweight (2 times) RAW Texas (2 times), IHWE Heavyweight, PCW S.O.F. (3 times), LA Reunion Island Heavyweight

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (in his own words) My most notable feud this year has been with the entire ACW roster and with the only alliance that matters which is The Take Over - in 2012 we will take over the entire company and all its titles.

Personal History: (in his own words) The only history you need to be concerned with is the last 6 years - in that time I have been the most dominant professional wrestler in the state of Texas - and one of if not the most dominant throughout the United States. In 2012, I will demand the respect of all of ACW and its fans and make everybody stand up and notice The Take Over and Franco are for real.

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