Friday, February 17, 2012

Mike Dell

One Man

Mike Dell

Name: Mike Dell
AKA: “One Man” Mike Dell

DOB: 11/23/1972

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 225 lbs

Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey

Trained By: Gino Caruso

Pro Debut: 1997

ACW Debut: 1/14/2007 – “Guilty by Association”

Signature Moves: Missile Drop Kick, Hurricanranna, Powerslam, Snap Suplex

Finishing Moves: One-Timer, The Dellbow (Tope Rope Elbow Drop)

ACW Titles:
ACW Tag Titles 07/29/2007 - "Pick Your Poison" – Tag Team “The Sexy Fox-A-Dellics” Dell & Rory Fox won 4-way elimination match against “Supreme Clientele” Shawn Vexx & Hotsauce Marco Riviera, “Double Trouble” Tony Vega & Chris James and former Champions “Kissyboots” Skylar Skelly & Rachel Summerlyn.

Lethal Lottery 05/17/2009 - "Nothing is as Real as a Dream" - defeated 5 other men in the finals of the second annual Lethal Lottery
ACW Heavyweight Title 06/21/2009 - "American Joshi Queen of Queens" - defeated former champion JT LaMotta

Other Titles Held:
American Championship Wrestling Heavyweight and Texas Titles, RCW Cyber and Heavyweight Titles, ECPW Tag Team Title, TWE Tag Team Title, SCW Open Division & Heavyweight Titles, NWA Houston Tag Team Title (with Ryan Genesis), NSF Central States Title

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In his own words) Feuds – Showtime Scot Summers, Cowboy James Claxton, Spiro, Jaykus Plisken, Bubba Dumplins, JT LaMotta, Andy Dalton, Mike Fyre, Ikaika, Shawn Hernandez.
Alliances – Showtime Scot Summers, Ryan Genesis, Jen Alise (Psycho Circus). Spiro, Awesome Andy, Robert Evans, Matthew Palmer (The Original Takeover). Rory Fox, Greg Symonds (The Golden FoxaDellics)

Notable ACW Heavyweight Title Defenses: Showtime Scot Summers, Paul London, Masada, Colt Cabana, Jaykus Plisken, JT LaMotta
Notable SCW Heavyweight/Open Division Title Defenses: Cowboy James Claxton, Lance Hoyt, Bret Idol, Spiro, Colin Delaney, Bubba Dumplins
Notable NSF Central Texas Title Defenses: Chase Stevens, Shane Williams, Mike Fyre
Notable RCW Heavyweight/Cyber Title Defenses: Shawn Hernandez, Ikaika, Andy Dalton.

Personal History: (In his own words) “It is my honor to be in this tribute match in honor of one of my greatest friends, in and out of this business, and a pleasure to be facing one of Spiro’s other good friends, and mine, Jaykus Plisken. I miss him so much and this match will signify that.”

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