Friday, March 23, 2012

Drew Lucid

The K.L.A. Kid

Drew Lucid

Name: Drew Lucid
AKA: Lucid, The K.L.A kid

DOB: 09/17/1987

Height: 5’4”
Weight: 145

Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Trained By: The ACW Dojo

Pro Debut: 5/24/2008

ACW Debut: 5/24/2008 – “Dissolution & Disintegration”

Signature Moves: DDT variations,

Finishing Moves: TBD or to be determined

ACW Titles:
Hardcore Title - 5/24/2008 – “Dissolution & Disintegration” Defeated former champion Steve Amos (Jacob Ladder) in his very first official ACW Match.

Other Titles Held: n/a

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In his own words) the best alliance, was with my tag partner Problems. If you call it a feud it wasn't any other worker in the locker room. It's the person staring back at me in the reflection of the mirror.

Personal History: (In his own words)
Well I first heard about independent wrestling when I moved to San Antonio in 2003. I was in High school then, even as a kid growing up I watched , enjoyed, & admired every wrestler I saw in WCW or WWF. Circling back to ‘03 I saw a tv spot for Ricky Steamboat by TWE run by RBG. Tickets were available presale at a tattoo shop bought some tickets from who later on I found out was Jacob Ladder. He said I'll see you at the show kid, I was puzzled by what he had meant. I went to the show heard Motley Crüe hit the speakers and there he was , put on a great match, I also saw Darin Childs that night in a tag team called The Rock n Roll Nightmares. Thinking back i believe it was him working in a dress for a few matches. After meeting the man I came to see, I tried to keep in touch with him over the. Next few years now: At the latter of 06' I bumped into each other at the mail gimmick on the side walk. He asked if I was still interested in becoming a wrestler, as I told him back at the night of the Dragon. He said he was starting his tag team partner at the time Darin Childs of COP. At the very first ACW show omitting the Dec. introduction in Jan. I was on the ring crew and doing whatever I could to earn my place in the company, and to ultimately become a wrestler. On show days we would show up at Ladder’s house where the ring was stored, just around the corner from where I lived. However we would like 6 or 7 am sometimes load the ring onto the trailer, show up at the event, set the ring up, and then trained before a show for a couple hours then have odd jobs to manage during the show. After it ended we would break down the ring load it back on the trailer take it back to Ladder’s house and finishing around 2-4am sometimes. Then there were triple or a couple or quad shot weekends it was a grueling process to get to where I wanted to get to. A year later after a number of shows the first year my in ring debut was against my mentor and trainer in the early part of ACW on 5-28-08 just over a year later. My second match ever was in Sellersberg, Indiana at IWA-Mid South for the KotDM tournament. Thank you to Darin Childs and Ian Rotten for letting come to and work. At the beginning of 2009 I walked away from everything I knew and loved in Texas. My demons with drugs alcohol and an anarchic lifestyle took hold of me. I moved back to San Antonio a year ago and worked on getting sober. Now I'm back in the ring for as long as they continue to make duct tape and glue.

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