Friday, April 6, 2012


The Texas Prodigy
2012 Lethal Lottery Champion
Young Guns U-30 Champion

Name: Ken Carson
AKA: 'The Show Stealer' & 'The Texas Prodigy'
FKA: Ken Carson

DOB: 11/10/1987

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 227 lbs

Hometown: College Station, Texas

Trained By: George de la Isla & Papa Don

Pro Debut: November 2009

ACW Debut: 10/23/2011 – “Beyond Good & Evil 2”

Signature Moves: Gutwrench powerbomb, frankenstiener, Spinning headlock elbow drop (eye of the hurricane), Spinning neckbreaker, Double ax handle.

Finishing Moves: Superkick, Boston Crab.

ACW Titles:
2012 Lethal Lottery - Emerged victorious from a field of 12 competitors to win the tournament on 05/27/12 at ACW's "The Realization of Mortality 5"
Young Guns U-30 Title -  As a result of winning the finals of the 2012 Lethal Lottery on 05/27/12 at ACW's "The Realization of Mortality 5" became the new champion filling the vacancy.

Other Titles Held: NWA Lone Star Heavyweight Championship, NWA Lone Star Tag Team Championship (2x), NWA Texas Tag Team Championship (2x)

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In his own words) Long feud with Joey Diamond after our tag team 'Impeccable' broke up. Historic rivalry with Mike Dell at NWA Houston, oddly enough, we are now an alliance at NWA Houston. Jaykus Plisken and I have fought up and down I35 in the past 2 years numerous times, but we have come to terms and I am now a part of 'The Takeover' at ACW.

Personal History: (In his own words) When I first broke in to the business, I was a smaller worker and was considered a cruiserweight. I was thrown into various tag teams and was forced to share the spot light for the first year or so. I have finally made my way into the heavyweight division and I'm slowly making my way to the top of Texas Wrestling and building an impressive resume by already snagging the NWA Lonestar Heavyweight Championship. At this point, there is no stopping my reign as 'The Show Stealer' anytime soon.

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