Friday, May 18, 2012

Miss Maulie

The Kentucky Wildcat

Miss Maulie

Name: Miss Maulie
AKA: Maulie Keebler, The Kentucky Wildcat

DOB: 7/17

Weight: 155

Hometown: Hardon County, Kentucky

Trained By: 2000-2001 T'Rantula; Camron "Spiro" Bates & Jacob Ladder 2010; Rudy Boy Gonzales currently

Pro Debut: 2000 for FNW Pittsburgh

ACW Debut: (as a wrestler) 06/12/2011 – “The Realization of Mortality 4”

Signature Moves: Northern Lights Suplex

Finishing Moves:

ACW Titles: None Yet

Other Titles Held: FNW Women's Champion, Miss Heavy Rebel 2005 & 2006 (mud wrestling)

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In her own words) I worked on several shows with Beth Phoenix in my first run at wrestling on the east coast. That girl has so much drive & I knew she was the kind of pro I was not yet prepared to be.

Camron "Spiro" Bates was my biggest influence to come back to the ring in 2010. I hope to have some matches that would make him proud. ACW fans will remember me as the loud mouth who never missed a show for 2 years before involving myself in one of Spiro's matches with Matt Palmer. I had so much fun being a valet for "One Man" Mike Dell. I'd love to see him back in ACW. I guess those two guys are how I ended up in the TakeOver. I can't thank my teammates in the TakeOver enough for their continued support.

Personal History: (In her own words) When I left wrestling in 2002, I finished college at the University of Pittsburgh. I worked as a Pin-Up model for publications like Lowrider & Ol' Skool Rodz. I moved to Texas in 2004. I've always enjoyed performing and owned a variety company for some time called Varietease. I did high class and kick ass burlesque numbers & actually own a 4' tall martini glass. I love rock shows, roller skating, and sewing.

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