Friday, June 1, 2012

Veda Scott

2012 American Joshi Queen of Queens Participant

Veda Scott

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Name: Veda Scott

DOB: January 1st

Height: 5’1”
Weight: 114 lb

Hometown: Providence, RI

Trained By: ROH Wrestling Academy, Delirious & Daizee Haze

Pro Debut: 2011

ACW Debut: Will debut on June 24, 2012 in the American Joshi Queen of Queens Tournament

Signature Moves: Crucifix DDT, jumping clothesline, bridging armdrag, Scorpion Crosslock

Finishing Moves: Q.E.D (tornado double-ddt), Snapmare Drive

ACW Titles: None Yet

Other Titles Held: none

Notable Feuds and Alliances: (In her own words)
- Shazza McKenzie, my #1 tag partner and most international BFF
-  Pelle Primeau, an upstanding young gentleman with whom I navigate the wilds of New Jersey and Maryland

- None, of course.  I quickly diffuse all hostilities with vegan baked goods, kitten videos, and face-kicking.

Personal History: (In her own words)
I was the first person in the history of my high school to win Most Likely to Succeed, be elected Senior Class President, supervise the newspaper staff, organize a one-person initiative for cafeteria reform, AND hold the record for most times a car was egged in the parking lot.  Which was obviously anonymous support of my vocal anti-Chicken Patty Tuesdays stance.

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